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    Wheels & Accessories - Giffin Grip & Lid Masters

Giffin Grip

NEW! Model 10 with Blue Sliders

The Giffin Grip
The Giffin Grip is an invaluable re-centering and holding tool for leather-hard or bisqued thrown pottery. Designed specifically for trimming, it functions equally well for waxing the foot and banding with oxides. After a simple one-time adjustment, the Giffin Grip quickly snaps on and off your wheel. It halves the time previously spent in trimming and makes it practical to trim shapes that might otherwise have been left untrimmed. Note: An individual Giffin Grip does not work in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. Most US potters throw in a counter-clockwise direction.  We offer both styles, so be certain to order the direction you require.

Giffin Grip (Complete Package) Includes:

  • NEW! Basic Blue Sliders - for centering plates, bowls and lids
  • 2" & 3" Arms - for holding mugs, tea cups, casseroles
  • 4" & 5" Arms - for small bottles, pitchers, jars
  • 6" Arms - for taller bottles, pitchers, large vases
  • NEW! Blue Wide Sliders - expand the useful diameter to 14” for centering large bowls and platters. (Ship Wt: 9 Lbs)

Now Available!
Model 10 Giffin Grip

New Blue Sliders are taller to get closer to your work for greater precision

New Pad Material is softer to leave virtually no marks and lasts longer than ever before!

New Flex Slider III for handbuilt, asymmetrical, and plain
old wonkey pots.

The Giffin Jumbo Platter Extender is for trimming large pieces. The 24 inch diameter can grip clay work up to 23 inches. It comes with 3 jumbo sliders.
(*the Giffin Grip is required for this product)

Giffin Grip & Accessories

Item No. Description List Price Our Price Purchase
C-107-1 Model 10 Giffin Grip
(Counter-clockwise, complete Pkg.)


C-107-1-CW  Model 10 Giffin Grip
(Clockwise - for left-handed potters, complete Pkg.)
$199.95 $173.88

2007 Style set of
15 Hands + 15 Rods

$39.95 $39.95

Bottom Brackets (set of 3)

$19.95 $19.95

‘Old Style’ 6” Rods (set of 3)

$6.95 $6.95

Foam Slider Pads (set of 3)

$2.95 $2.95

Molded Slider Pads for Blue Sliders (set of 3)

$6.95 $6.95
C-107-11 Blue Basic Sliders (set of 3) $29.95 $29.95
C-107-12 Blue Wide Slider (set of 3) $29.95 $29.95
C-107-19 Blue Slider Tune-up Kit
(3) Blue Basic Sliders
(3) Blue Wide Sliders
(6) Molded Slider Pads
(1) “O” Ring, (2) Shims
(3) Bottom Brackets
$49.95 $44.95
C-107-14 2 in. Rods + Molded Hands $14.95 $14.95
C-107-15 3 in. Rods + Molded Hands $14.95 $14.95
C-107-16 4 in. Rods + Molded Hands $14.95 $14.95
C-107-17 5 in. Rods + Molded Hands $14.95 $14.95
C-107-18 6 in. Rods + Molded Hands $14.95 $14.95
C-107-21 Jumbo Platter Extender $89.10 $89.10
C-107-22 NEW! Flex Slider III $40.00 $40.00

Giffin Lid Masters



Giffin Lid Masters
Measure the opening of your thrown pot with the lid master. Tighten the wing nut. Now use the other end for measuring the lid. Both the inside and outside ends of the lid master will always be identical. The length of each tool is as indicated in the photos.

Giffin Lid Masters

Item No. Description Our Price Purchase
C-108-1 Giffin Lid Master
(measures 0 to 11-1/2 in.)
C-108-2 Giffin Large Lid Master
(measures 0 to 16-1/2 in.)


This little tool makes the big job of trimming the bottoms of pots quick and easy.  With the patented TRIMMING DISC you no longer need to hold your pot down to the wheel head with wads of clay!  It is 2” in diameter with a thrust bearing connecting two rotating discs.  

As an added bonus – it comes with a free 10-minute instructional DVD on trimming pottery. On www.youtube.com you can also watch: “Piepenburg trims a pot with a trimming disc”.

Piepenburg Trimming Disc

Item No. Description Our Price Purchase
C-091-004 Piepenburg Trimming Disc with DVD $19.95

Bailey Quick-Trim II Bat



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